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9 Underrated Horror Movies You Need To Watch Right Now

Posted on August 22, 2016  in Entertainment, Videos

9 (More) Underrated Horror Movies You Need To Watch Right Now

You may call yourself a horror fan, but there are times when a flick so inventive and enjoyable slithers across the screen it leaves you thinking, How have I not seen this before? These are nine of those underrated horror movies, to be watched as soon as possible.

1. Lovely Molly (above)

Female lead starts to lose her mind while spending the duration of the reel in little to no clothing. Sound familiar? Well, think again. Yes, Gretchen Lodge, who stars as Molly, a newlywed who sees a demon creature more than she does her new hubbie, spends much of the film completely nude. However, Eduardo Sanchez’s supernatural creep show is more than skin deep; it’s an attempt at reinvigorating the found-footage subgenre. And for better or worse, it’s bone rattling.

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2. Coherence

underrated horror movies coherence

Still from Coherence via Ugly Duckling Films

Highly acclaimed by critics yet pretty much universally unseen by the general pubic, Coherence is a crazy-compelling psychological thriller whose weird-out factor is through the roof. Similar to Karyn Kusama’s recent breakout hit, The Invitation, this puzzle of a picture is also centered around a dinner party that goes awry. Only this time, it’s the universe that’s responsible for the evening’s troubling chain of events. Sci-fi fiends, this one’s for you.


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