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TwoWheelUnion Radio 014

Posted on May 17, 2017  in Music, Podcast

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The goal of this podcast is to explore all the different sounds and genres that House Music has to offer.  Your host John Douglas has been honing his craft behind the wheels of steel for 17 years all over Canada and wants to share the music that he feels so passionately about.  Not everybody understands house music, but we do.  Get ready to dance.


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1. Umami – Sunny (Original Mix)
2. Aback – My Finger Is On The Button (Chemars Black Sunday Mix)
3. Topa – Wanna Do (Original Mix)
4. Bob Sinclair – Darlin’
5. Casablanca & Dave Fogg – She Wants (Charlse Feelgood Remix)
6. Stranger Danger – Harlem Joy feat. Kenjo
7. Joey Chicago – It’s You
8. Bobby & Klein – I Want Sax (Jonene’s Feeling Saxy Remix)
9. Sister Sledge – Got To Love Somebody (remix)
10. Francis Jilla – Walking On A Beam (Original Mix)
11. Whitenoize – In My Younger Days (Original Mix)
12. DJ Leroi – Heartbreaker (Clio Remix)
13. Shadow Child – The Only One
14. Rodney Hunter – Midas (Bionic Youth Remix)
15. Promonova – Fire Burning (Sonny Fodera Remix)
16. Agent 818 – closer
17. House Republic – Nuggetz (Ralph Good Bad Boy Remix)



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TwoWheelUnion Presents: John Douglas 010

Posted on February 27, 2017  in Entertainment, Music, Podcast




The goal of this podcast is to explore all the different sounds and genres that house music has to offer.  Your host John Douglas has been honing his craft behind the wheels of steel for 16 years all over Canada and wants to share the music that he feels so passionately about.  Not everybody understands house music, but we do.  Get ready to dance.




1. No Tears by HNNY
2. Heartbreaker (Clio Remix) by Dj Le Roi
3. Fuck! (Andres Power, Outcode Remix) by Miky Falcone & Fabio Morello
4. OKAY by Shiba San
5. Entrance Song (Original Mix) by Eats Everything
6. Diggin’ On You by Elekfantz
7. Bigger Than Prince (Hot Since 82 Remix) by Green Velvet
8. Jango by Sirus Hood & Still Boyz
9. Roots of Rhythm by Dimitri Max & Luis Baro
10. Careless by Dusky
11. Do It Get Up (Kolombo Remix) by Jad & The Ladyboy
12. Closer (Original Mix) by Egokind & Clear Void


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Hangloose Sessions 001

Posted on August 13, 2016  in Music


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These are jam sessions, not official podcasts or releases but practice sessions that I will are dope enough to be uploaded as Hangloose Sessions.


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New Mix is up! Number 017.

Posted on November 13, 2014  in Music

TwoWheelUnion Presents: John Douglas 017 by John Douglas on Mixcloud

Hope you enjoy the mix.

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TwoWheelUnion Presents John Douglas 016

Posted on November 12, 2014  in Entertainment



Another Set.
1.Missing You by Rey Rick & M.A.U.K
2.Paperboy by Fractal System
3.Numbers by Mirror Pop
4.In Your Arms Again by Facture, Stretch & Shout
5.House Spirit by Marc Tasio

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TwoWheelUnion Presents: John Douglas 016

Posted on November 1, 2014  in Music

TwoWheelUnion Presents: John Douglas 016 by John Douglas on Mixcloud

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How have the ex-Strikeforce fighters done in the UFC? A look at their collective record since the merge and some other facts.

Posted on July 31, 2014  in Writing

So the topic came about in another thread about how good the Strikeforce guys have been in the UFC since the merger in early 2013. For statistics’ sake, here is how each fighter has done in the UFC at each weight class. I’m not including the fighters from the women’s bantamweight division, since it was also new at the same time.

Note: If a fighter is now in a different weight class, his name will be highlighted in italics. If a fighter is no longer with the UFC, his name will be struck through.


Daniel Cormier (2-0), Had Top 5 Ranking in HW before moving down

Josh Barnett (1-1), Current #6 in HW Rankings

Guto Inocente (0-1)

Light Heavyweight

Daniel Cormier (2-0), Current #2 in LHW Rankings, Will Challenge for LHW Title

Ovince St. Preux (4-0), Current #10 in LHW Rankings

Gegard Mousasi (1-0), Had Top 10 Ranking in LHW before moving down

Rafael Cavalcante (1-2), Current #12 in LHW Rankings

Gian Villante (2-2)


Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza (3-0), Current #4 in MW Rankings

Luke Rockhold (2-1), Current #5 in MW Rankings

Tim Kennedy (3-0), Current #6 in MW Rankings

Gegard Mousasi (1-1), Current #7 in MW Rankings

Yoel Romero (4-0), Current #11 in MW Rankings

Derek Brunson (2-1)

Trevor Smith (2-2)

Nate Marquardt (1-0)

Lorenz Larkin (1-3)

Roger Gracie (0-1), CONTRACT NOT RENEWED

Anthony Smith (0-1), CUT

Bristol Marunde (0-2), CUT


Robbie Lawler (5-1), Current #1 in WW Rankings, Challenged for WW Title, Will Likely Challenge for WW Title

Tyron Woodley (3-2), Current #4 in WW Rankings

Tarec Saffiedine (1-0), Current #10 in WW Rankings

Adlan Amagov (2-0)

K.J. Noons (1-0)

Nate Marquardt (0-2)

Bobby Voelker (0-4)

Jason High (2-2), CUT due to pushing a ref


Gilbert Melendez (1-1), Current #2 in WW Rankings, Challenged for LW Title, Will Challenge for LW Title

Josh Thomson (1-2), Current #6 in LW Rankings, Was Going to Challenge for LW Title

Bobby Green (4-0), Current #7 in LW Rankings

Jorge Masvidal (4-1), Current #14 in LW Rankings

Adriano Martins (2-1)

K.J. Noons (1-1)

Isaac Vallie-Flagg (1-2)

Roger Bowling (0-2, 1 NC)

Yancy Medeiros (0-2, 1 NC)

Pat Healy (0-4, 1 NC), CUT

Ryan Couture (0-2), CUT

Caros Fodor (0-1), CUT


Mizuto Hirota (0-2), CUT

Kurt Holobaugh (0-1), CUT

Overall record of Strikeforce fighters since joining the UFC: 60 wins, 51 losses, 3 No Contests.

That record is shared between 38 fighters.


  • 2 of these fighters have fought in title matches (Gilbert Melendez and Robbie Lawler)

  • The same 2 have also received title shots twice (technically hasn’t been officially confirmed for Lawler, I know)

  • 4 fighters have received title shots (Melendez, Lawler, Daniel Cormier, and Josh Thomson; unfortunately Thomson didn’t end up getting his when Anthony Pettis got injured)

  • 8 fighters are still undefeated in their UFC tenures so far; these fighters are responsible for nearly half of the Strikeforce fighters’ win total, with a combined record of 25 wins and 0 losses (Cormier, St. Preux, Jacare, Kennedy, Romero, Saffiedine, Amagov, Green)

  • Of the undefeated fighters, Cormier, St. Preux, Romero, and Green all lead the way with the best records (4-0), Jacare and Kennedy are next (3-0), while Amagov and Saffiedine are still 2-0 and 1-0 respectively.

  • The ex-Strikeforce fighter with the most wins since the merge is Robbie Lawler, with 5. He is also the most active fighter of the lot with 6 professional bouts.

  • Currently, sixteen fighters are numbered in the UFC official ranking system, which goes up to 15. Twelve are in the top 10, and six are in the top 5. Those six are: Daniel Cormier (#2 LHW), Jacare Souza (#4 MW), Luke Rockhold (#5 MW), Robbie Lawler (#1 WW), Tyron Woodley (#4 WW), and Gilbert Melendez (#2 WW).


  • No fighter has yet to win a UFC title.

  • Of these 38 fighters, only 16 have a winning record during their tenure in the UFC. 17 have a losing record, and 12 have failed to pick up a win at all.


  • These 12 winless fighters also make up almost half of the loss total for all ex-Strikeforce fighters (their overall record is 0 wins, 23 losses, and 3 NCs).

  • Of the 12 winless fighters, 8 have been cut. Remarkably, Bobby Voelker (0-4), Roger Bowling (0-2, 1 NC), and Yancy Medeiros (0-2, 1 NC), have managed to avoid the pink slip so far.

  • Since the merge, 9 fighters have been cut from the UFC. The total of these fighters records while they were in the promotion was 2 wins, 16 losses, and 1 NC.

  • The only cut fighter that won in the UFC is Jason High. He is also the only fighter cut that did not have a losing record (2-2). This is due to the reason he was cut: making aggressive physical contact with a ref.


We can tell that, at every weight class from LW to HW, the Strikeforce imports have made a significant impact in each division (well, maybe not so much for HW). Strikeforce fighters have fought for the title in LW and WW, the majority of contenders right now at MW are ex-Strikeforce (indeed, this division has definitely changed the most since the merge), and LHW got a much-needed injection of new talent with Cormier and OSP.

There have also been quite a few fighters that didn’t quite make it, but still, considering that Strikeforce was the #2 promotion before its dissolution, I would have to say that the majority of the fighters have punched above their weight

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What do you say to authorities without incriminating yourself if (god forbid) you ever have to use deadly force?

Posted on March 21, 2014  in Uncategorized

Call 911 – “There has been a self defense use of force, I believe the assailant is in need of medical attention. Please send police and paramedics to [address or location].” HANG UP.

Note that you do not even specify that you in particular were the person using self defense, or that you shot anyone.

When the police arrive – “Officer, I mean no disrespect, but I understand my rights. I have the right to have an attorney present during questioning. I have a right to refuse to consent to any search of my body and personal effects. I wish to exercise all my rights. If I am under arrest, I wish to invoke and exercise my Miranda rights and be allowed to obtain the advice of my attorney. If I am to be taken into custody, I request a reasonable opportunity to make arrangements to secure my own property. If I am not under arrest, I want to leave. If I am free to leave, please tell me immediately so I may go about my business.”

Between calling 911 and the arrival of police, you should have called your attorney. If you are lucky (or live in Detroit), he will get there before the cops.

The advice in the video is given from a very authority deferential point of view. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the police are “on your side” or that if you “act innocent” things will go easier on you. There are lots of personal and institutional prejudices and politics that may put your actions, however justified you feel they were, under scrutiny of a jury. There is absolutely no reason to give the prosecution ammunition.

A great quote from that attorney instructor: “If you are ever involved in a defensive shooting, when the cops show up, you will feel a powerful urge to unburden your soul. You will want to explain exactly what happened and why you were justified so that you won’t feel that the police are viewing you as the guilty party. The police will expect and exploit this situation to get you to talk. DON’T. I would have a lot less work to do if people could just follow that advice. Most of you won’t be able to do it.”

It might help to remember that in most jurisdictions, in legal procedure, you are guilty of homicide, but can prove self defense as an affirmative defense. Notice that once the homicide is established, the burden of proof on the self defense has shifted to you. There is no reason to confess to a felony which you then have to dig yourself out of.

tl;dr – keep your trap wired shut beyond the legally required notification and asserting your rights.

Edit: People keep asking a few questions.

Q: How will I find a good attorney in these circumstances?

If you carry, have an attorney’s business card tucked (or just contact info) right behind your Credit card in your wallet. You’re much more likely to make a better decision on an attorney to trust before you are under the kind of pressure that you will feel after a self defense shooting.

Q: Do you really think the police are going to let you say all that?

Maybe, maybe not. Keep your cool and don’t be baited by their badgering. Only respond to their questions by invoking your rights. Once you have done so, stop talking.

Q: Aren’t you going to get shot by not providing enough info?

The attorney told us to make sure and keep your hands where they can be seen as the police arrive. If the area is safe to do so, put the gun down before they arrive. Follow all direct orders, even if it seems humiliating to have to lay face down on the pavement with your hands behind your head when you are the “good guy”.

Q: Won’t the invocation of these right be irrelevant anyway, since you will almost certainly be searched and detained?

Likely, as far as preventing the search or detention. Accept that you are going to be searched and detained. However, don’t legally consent to either. Comply with orders, but make it clear that your compliance is without consent. This makes a difference that can be important later in determining whether any search or detention was legal or not. If you consent, it was legal, period.

In all probability, you are going to spend some involuntary time with the police. You might even spend a few hours in the local jail. The goal is to prevent that from turning in to a few years or decades in the state prison.

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Let’s talk about the MMA G.O.A.T

Posted on January 3, 2014  in Uncategorized


Anderson Silva has 12 top ten wins, the average rank of the his challenger was 4.5 and his undefeated streak lasted 2633 days over the course of 17 fights

Fedor Emelianenko has 13 top ten wins, the average rank of his challenger was 5.5 and his undefeated streak lasted 3369 days over the course of 27 fights, 1 NC.

Georges St Pierre has 17 top ten wins, the average rank of his challenger was 3 and his undefeated streak lasted 2276 days over the course of  12 fights.

Jon Jones has 8 top ten wins, the average rank of his challenger was 3.5 and his undefeated streak lasted 1395 days over the course of 10 fights.*

Statics do not prove anything as a legacy cannot be proved with numbers. However, these would suggest that in fact Georges St Pierre is the GOAT.

*Up to January 2nd 2014

Just thought you should know.

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