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Top 20 Knock Outs in UFC History

Posted on November 24, 2014  in MMA Fights

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A brief history of “MMA” pre-UFC

Posted on August 3, 2014  in Writing

2nd Millennium (3015-4013 years before 2014)

  • Speculation of people practicing Pankration

648 BC (2662 years before 2014)

  • Pankration officially recorded at the 33rd Ancient Olympic games

393 AD (1621 years before 2014)

  • “Roman Emperor Theodosius I” likely abolishes Ancient Olympic games, including Pankration

1887 (1494 years after the abolishing of Pankration)

  • John L. Sullivan (Boxing Champion) fought William Muldoon (Greco-Roman Wrestling Champion).
  • Sullivan retired with a 39 wins (33 KOs) and only 1 loss. He was undefeated at the time of this ‘MMA’ fight with Muldoon.
  • Muldoon was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1996 as a non-participant, Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame in 1997 and Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2004.
  • According to “Say Uncle!: Catch-As-Catch Can Wrestling and the Roots of Ultimate Fighting, Pro Wrestling & Modern Grappling” by Jake Shannon, the fight was over when Sullivan was “slammed to the mat and incapacitated.”

Late 1890’s

  • Bob Fitzsimmons (Boxing Champion) fought Ernest Roeber (Greco-Roman Wrestling Champion).
  • Fitzsimmons was the first ever 3-divisional boxing champion and was ranked #8 in Ring Magazine’s “100 Greatest Punchers” list.
  • Roeber held the European Greco-Roman Heavyweight Championship from 1894 to 1900.
  • According to “Say Uncle!: Catch-As-Catch Can Wrestling and the Roots of Ultimate Fighting, Pro Wrestling & Modern Grappling” by Jake Shannon, the fight was over when “Roeber took Fitzsimmons to the mat and applied an arm lock, making Fitzsimmons quit.”


  • William Barton-Wright creates Bartitsu.
  • “Ju-Jitsu and Ju-do”, Transactions and Proceedings of the Japanese Society, London, Volume 5 via Bloody Elbow: Under ‘Bar-titsu’ he comprised boxing, or the use of the fist as a hitting medium, the use of the feet both in an offensive and defensive sense, the use of the walking-stick as a means of self-defence in such a way as to make it practically impossible to be hit upon the fingers. Ju-do and Ju-jitsu, which were secret styles of Japanese wrestling, he would call close-play as applied to self-defence.


  • King Levinsky (Heavyweight boxer) fought Ray Steele (professional wrestler).
  • 35 seconds into the fight Steele pinned Levinsky down for 10 seconds declaring Steele the winner.
  • Levinsky retired with a boxing record of 75 wins, 36 losses and 7 draws.


  • Gene Lebell (Judo Champion) fought Milo Savage (Middleweight Boxer)
  • Savage was 39 at the time of the fight while Lebell was 31.
  • Lebell landed a powerful harai goshi (sweeping hip throw) and put Savage to sleep with a rear naked choke


  • World-known Muhammad Ali fought pro-wrestler, Karl Gotch trained, Antonio Inoki
  • Inoki PROHIBITIED from grappling and could only land kicks if one knee was on the canvas. Ali had no restrictions


May 18 1989 – June 24 1993 Shooto puts on 24 “MMA” events

1 9 9 3 – The year UFC and Pancrase began

September 21 – November 8 – Pancrase puts on 3 events

November 12 – UFC 1: The Beginning

November 25 – Shooto – Shooto (25)

December 8 – Pancrase – Yes, We Are Hybrid Wreslters 4 (aka Pancrase – Perfect 4)

I still think it’s remarkable we are barely 20 years past the first UFC.

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A quick history of Chael’s untruthful behavior.

Posted on June 12, 2014  in Writing

Chael failed a drug test, I know he defends himself saying these aren’t steriods, that they’re banned but not illegal (it takes a real politician to make that distinction) and that he did a test himself and found they were out of his system. It doesn’t matter he wasn’t being entirely truthful, he took a substance he knew was banned and thought he could get away with it. Chael has a history of this sort of behavior.

Chael failed a drug test at UFC 117 and was found with T/E ratio four times that of a normal man. Sonnen didn’t disclose this information officially to the commission (sound similar?) but he claimed that he had an unwritten agreement with Kieth Kizer that he was approved for TRT. Kieth Kizer responded that he had never spoken to Chael Sonnen in his life and it was a straight up fabrication. Kieth Kizer even confronted Chael Sonnen who tried to deflect questions and come up with even more lies and excuses such as it was his manager that talked to Kizer not him, he just mispoke, Kizer described the situation as a “strange story” and ridiculous explanation.[1]

On top of this even his diagnosis of hypogonadism, the condition that requires him to be on TRT is questionable. An endocrinologist stated that his diagnosis if incomplete. Another doctor said it would be crazy for someone born with hypogonadism to be able to be an elite wrestler and the causes for his low testosterone is steriod abuse.[2]

Chael also had some harsh words for Lance Armstrong saying

“Lance Armstrong did a number of things, and he gave himself cancer. He cheated, he did drugs, and he gave himself cancer.”

When confronted about these words, he lied, denying that it was him that said that.]([3] )

Hendo claimed that Chael was lying when he said that Dan told him he was injured so Chael could start preparing for Jon Jones and set him up.[4]

Not to mention his charges for money laundering and mortgage fraud. When these were brought up in an interview Sonnen was denying that he was involved in mortage fraud and tried to deflect the question by asking the interviewer if he beat his wife.[5]

Just thought you should know.

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In Case you didn’t know.

Posted on March 31, 2014  in Uncategorized

Our current calendar originated with the Romans. They were a little lax about keeping time, so they had 10 months (hence December) that they cared about, and then an intercalary period of indeterminate length.

Then the second king of Rome, Numa, said “Dude!” And he added two extra months, and changed the number of days in a month to always be odd, because obviously odd numbers are lucky, and he alternated months of 31 and 29 days, and still had an intercalary period.

The Pontifex Maximus, head of the College of Pontiffs, would decide how many days to put in the intercalary period most of the time, but a couple of times people just didn’t do their job.

Finally, Julius Caesar came along, and he was a genius in many fields. Problems with the calendar annoyed him all his life, and he became Pontifex Maximus so he could do something about it. But there were other problems going on, so he didn’t get around to fixing it until the Senate made him Dicator Perpetuo.

Then he made the Julian Calendar, and alternated the number of days in a month between 30 and 31, with February having 29, because if you make 12 months of 30 days, you only get 360 days, then you would have to have a 5 or 6 day “month” to round it out. But then Octavian took a day from February and changed Sextilius’ days to 31 and called it August.

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Let’s talk about the MMA G.O.A.T

Posted on January 3, 2014  in Uncategorized


Anderson Silva has 12 top ten wins, the average rank of the his challenger was 4.5 and his undefeated streak lasted 2633 days over the course of 17 fights

Fedor Emelianenko has 13 top ten wins, the average rank of his challenger was 5.5 and his undefeated streak lasted 3369 days over the course of 27 fights, 1 NC.

Georges St Pierre has 17 top ten wins, the average rank of his challenger was 3 and his undefeated streak lasted 2276 days over the course of  12 fights.

Jon Jones has 8 top ten wins, the average rank of his challenger was 3.5 and his undefeated streak lasted 1395 days over the course of 10 fights.*

Statics do not prove anything as a legacy cannot be proved with numbers. However, these would suggest that in fact Georges St Pierre is the GOAT.

*Up to January 2nd 2014

Just thought you should know.

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