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I’m not a real MMA Fan.

Posted on August 30, 2014  in Uncategorized

So because I dont want to shell out for a PPV that sucks enormous balls Im not a true MMA fan? I usually watch the events in my house because my wife is the only person I know who likes UFC(or at least pretends to for my benefit). I ripped my Judo gi last week and wanted to buy a new one. I think Ill opt for that over wasting money on a shitty PPV. Id rate this PPV a 2/10 for fight quality. The free card next week and 178 are maybe 7s. Ill go to sleep early and go to the gym tomorrow morning instead of wasting my time and money on a sub par product that has been getting progressively worse for months and told by the promoter he doesnt give a fuck if I watch or not.

UFC doesn’t control PPV prices. There are legal ways to watch events for free/cheap. Use this as an opportunity to socialize with other fans of the sport.

Some people dont live in the US and can catch a card at primetime.

I know I won’t be swaying the masses of this subreddit full of supposed fans of MMA; with their undying hatred and vitriol towards the “evil” UFC and it’s “sleazebag” president, Dana White.

Yeah, because its just that simple isnt it.

But I’m almost entirely positive that PPV prices are NOT determined by the UFC – they may have input into what price point would make sense – but it’s actually the providers of the on-demand events who create the price.

Actually thast not true. Dana famously raised the price of 168 from 54.95 to 59.95 and said it was for that event only. Even after he promised that PPV prices would never increase. He claimed the value of that card warranted a price hike and when asked by media members why it was decided he replied ”Cuz”. And you wonder why ”the masses” of this sub are angry?

Regardless, if you think $60 is too much to shell out for a fight but you still want to watch it – because supposedly you are an MMA fan in this thread and not solely an athlete fan – why is it so out of the question to go watch the fights at a sports bar and socialize with other fans in your area?

Because not every person on this sub resides in the US.

because supposedly you are an MMA fan in this thread and not solely an athlete fan

I dont even….

To the people that are complaining about the $60 price tag but hate the idea of going to a bar: invite 5 friends over (who also think $60 is too much for a fight) and everyone throw down $10! Or, as a last option, stream the event illegally like you were originally going to anyway…I have a sneaking suspicion many of the people complaining about price don’t buy many PPVs anyway.

Thats assuming a whole lot about a sub of 85 thousand people and generalising them into a tiny basket.

I guarantee that a long-term reason the UFC started it’s subscription service was to ultimately move away from cable-provided PPV models. PPV is becoming a bit antiquated in our current state of technology and, with more people jumping the cable/satellite ship in lieu of internet-only streams, it will not age gracefully.

To the people that are complaining about the $60 price tag but hate the idea of going to a bar: invite 5 friends over (who also think $60 is too much for a fight)


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Why are you allowed to fight in Hockey?

Posted on March 13, 2014  in Uncategorized

It helps to remember that fights in hockey are 99% consensual. If you don’t want to fight you turn your back and that’s it. There are players that fight and players that don’t, and it’s not really a machismo/honor thing that you MUST fight. No one thinks less of you for not being a fighter.

If you jump someone who is NOT looking for a fight you are usually going to get tossed from the game and probably suspended for a few games to boot. It’s not OK to blind-side someone who is not likewise spoiling for a fight and generally speaking that is frowned upon.

So the minor penalties and general lack of punishment is only in the case of two people who have collaboratively decided to go at it, which is true for almost every fight you see. They are pre-arranged (often at the face-off) and mutually agreed. At that point, two consenting adults doing what they want, basically, and the refs leave it alone until someone is at risk of getting seriously hurt — usually once someone goes down and it’s no longer a standing fight, or if other people are getting involved, or if one person is effectively incapacitated, etc.

To some degree hockey is a self-regulated game. Refs are there for line calls, not necessarily behavior control. 10 people flying around a small ice surface at 40km/h with wooden sticks can REALLY hurt each other while the ref is looking the other way if they want to.

To avoid this, fighting is used as a pressure relief… all the pent up aggression you feel for the wrongs and slights done to your team goes into cheering for your guy in the fight. Afterward everyone chills out. This is generally true even if the two guys fighting aren’t the actual guys you were mad at. But the thing is, everyone on your team is going to be mad at someone different for some random thing that happened, so it’s not practical to expect everyone will “pay” individually.

This mostly works because most players aren’t assholes. If they do something to earn your ire it was probably by accident or a “one time” thing. It’s unlikely you’ll remember it for more than 5 minutes and unlikely that guy is going to specifically tick you off again. So the fight serves to release the cumulative pressure of all those little things, not necessarily any specific incident.

Where this fails is if there is just that one total dick on a team that is constantly cheap-shotting people or otherwise behaving in a douchey way not consistent with the overall tone of the game. Especially if that person keeps doing it even after a fight or two. At some point the other team is going to remember his number and a “generic fight” won’t fix the issue. That guy now has a target painted on his back and at some point — maybe not even that game but in a future game — someone is going to risk getting tossed from the game/suspended to teach that specific player a lesson.

Though usually half of that guy’s own team are just as happy to watch him get creamed because, honestly, he IS a dick. We’d never say it out loud of course, team solidarity, rah rah rah… but at some point people get what they deserve and everyone on both sides knows it.

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