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Leverage & Power – Commentary by Luke Thomas, Nate Wilcox, and Eugene S. Robinson.

Posted on December 20, 2014  in MMA Related Videos


The current state and how to change it to improve fighter’s bargaining power. Commentary by Luke Thomas, Nate Wilcox, and Eugene S. Robinson.

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Tag: Fighter Pay

Dana Fucking White

Posted on February 19, 2014  in Uncategorized

What would a promoter be without his flip-flops? Going back on promises, important issues and fan questions. To put it in the words of the great Luke Thomas, Dana is responsible for the worst kind of promotional malpractice. Starting off with his promise that PPV prices will never rise and then going back on that promise giving the most eloquent answer of ”Cuz” when asked why they would do this around christmas and new year when people are at their most broke. Its a funny comparison when you think about it considering in the same interview Dana claimed the economy is not as good as the politicians would have you believe.

Then comes the promise of title shots. Lyoto Machida is a guy who has earned numerous title shots over the last couple of years but has found himself falling short because of bad circumstance. Mostly the circumstance that Dana is full of shit and gave the shot to Chael instead along with a season of TUF, because you know, balls speak louder than wins. He earned another title shot with a win over Hendo but I guess that one wasnt impressive enough to get a shot over the closest contender who is still without a win in the top 10 of the Light Heavyweight division.

The bad event promises. Ohhhhh the butthurt over the bad event promises. Lets face it, UFC 149 was the worst event we have ever seen. I mean jesus talk about a cure for insomnia. It was the UFC’s first event in Calgary, Canada and the fans who broke all sorts of records for gate attendance were obviously pissed when the event they got was so shit it even caused Dana to promise they will return to Calgary with a sick event and spoiled card and promised the UFC fans watching at home they will be rewarded with something special for their loyalty. The buyers of 149 and people of Calgary are still waiting for that return. Also UFC 112, remember that? The event where Anderson Silva refused to engage with Demian Maia for 5 rounds while crowd booed him. Again White promised to make it up to the fans but again failed to deliver on any of his promises.

Ive discussed the biggest flip flops above but heres a quick list of the smaller ones I could recall –


Jones/Silva/GSP/Cain/Aldo/Pettis superfights. People should really just ignore all talk of these. They will never happen. They are simply a tool to get people excited for fights. As long as Aldo can make FW comfortably and Jones can make LHW comfortably you wont see any of these fights.




Lying to Urijah Faber

Said he would never do a freak show fight. Good one.

Guarantees GSP and Rory will fight.

Acting hypocrisy

Burning Bridges

Lets face it, Dana has burned more bridges than all other fight promoters put together. I thought the idea of promoting a fight was to make the fighters look good and make them feel good, not make them feel like shit and fire false accusations around. Just in the past few weeks Dana has been firing accusations of ducking fights at Nate Diaz, Alistair Overeem and anyone else who feels deserved of his ire. Of course he has a long history of these accusations dating back to Tito, then Mark Hunt was ducking JDS, then Aldo was literally terrified of Pettis and of everyone and their mother is ducking the Vitor.

I am not going to get into the burnings of Tito and Randy because people have mixed opinions of those issue but personally these guys are Hall of Famer’s and deserve at least a little respect. Ive never been able to dig up Whites amateur record or anyone confirming it but if popular opinion is anything to go by he has never fought a day in his life, besides the sparring he took part in, in preparation for Tito.

The recent burning of Julianna Pena’s gym publicly is one of my personal favourite Dana moments. A man who has won MMA’s leading man of the year found it in his heart of gold to go on twitter and crucify an up and coming MMA gymwho has provided the UFC with two TUF winners and develops talent for promotions from teenagers. Every word that White spouted against the gym was denied by the coach, fighters present and of course the accused fighter of Penas injury. Anyone reading this who trains will know that accidents happen often in the gym and there is never(usually) a feeling of malice or vengeance after it happens. Unfortunately for Sikjitsu gym Dana White failed to understand this concept and took it into his hands to burn the owners livelihood to the ground. We can only hope that the business is not affected by Whites slanderous remarks.

And the little leaguers and HOF’s are not the only ones to feel the burn. More or less any champion not under the UFC banner is apparently garbage and not worth signing. The chastising of Fedor and Ben Askren in the media has been pathetic. Obviously Fedor had his own agenda and wanted to go his own way but for White it was not enough to simply part ways respectively, he had to burn that bridge publicly, slandering Fedor and then go after him in other ways that we will get to later.

GSP. I dont even know where to start or what to say about this. It is ridiculous. The top and last remaining draw of your company goes out on his sword after trying to bring legitimacy to a title fight shrouded in accusations of fighter TRT use and your response is to publicly humiliate him following a career performance. Then not only did he do that he even went on to say he had nothing to apologise for and only cemented his former statement that the man who helped build the UFC and pay for Danas Ferrarri ”owed the company, the fans and Johnny Hendricks”. Seriously, fuck you Dana.

The last cut is the deepest

They say the first cut is the deepest. Well the cuts just keep on coming and more recently they have been more puzzling than before. Jacob Volkmann was 6-2 (with only a loss to Bobby Green to justify his cutting) is someone you can make a case for having a future in the UFC but with his attitude toward Dana the only thing he was getting was cut the fuck out. Jon Fitch a top 10 Welterweight with the ability to out grapple 90% of a weight class stacked with 87 fighters was cut for reasons unknown. The case has been made that he pissed of UFC brass with his whole likeness rights debate and out grappling young, good looking potential contenders for years. Yushin Okami is the most recent one to face the chopping block and it almost begs belief that he would go. My guess would be that this is some sort of deal between the WSOF and the UFC with WSOF looking to push into other markets and also there are strikers they dont want being out grappled at MW, that they would like to see bang it out for the ratings.

Sponsorship practices

This is a bit of a touchy and delicate subject because the UFC doesnt really discuss it all that much so we kind of have to go on what the fighters and media are reporting about it. I wont go too deep on what sponsorship means to a UFC fighter but here it is gone into in great detail by Ben Fowlkes. To sum it up for the layman or lazy reader the UFC is basically charging sponsors a premium for sponsoring a fighter, a sponsor tax you could say. So if a company would like to sponsor a fighter they have to pay a ridiculous fee to the UFC before they can get their name on an ass or a crotch. Theres been a lot of recent cases of fighters bitching about it, making some kind of political statement, straight up just missing sponsors or having them taken away at the last minute(Mark Hunt, Bigfoot Silva and Cody Mckenzie) or in much bigger news(but not explained) Silva and his Nike deal falling through(at least in the octagon anyway). The sponsorship practices are just another example of the shadiness surrounding the UFC and shoulder shruggin’ nature in their explanation of fighter pay and well being.

Edit – for more info


This is really the big issue isnt it. Right now its all we hear about in the MMA media. There isnt really much scientific evidence to do with recovery rates for MMA, ability to cause damage to other men and the relativity associated with your TRT levels and that of a younger man. However this doesnt stop NSAC handing out TUE’s to fighters with questionable reasons for having it. Is it really to be believed that a UFC fighter at the highest level and caliber would have a need for testosteron replacement? Of course this is a question for another day and right now we are only discussing Danas influence on the matter.

This is pretty much Danas biggest flip flopping of them all. He really knows how to sit on the fence at the right moment doesnt he? Well for a start back in August 2012 he was quoted as saying –

“…the bottom line is you don’t need that junk (TRT). If you don’t abuse stuff earlier in your career, you’ll never need to use that kind of junk.”

Then the day after he said –

“Here’s the thing about TRT. It’s absolutely 100% legal. As sports medicine continues to advance, this is one of those things where every guy’s testosterone level starts to drop as they get older and this is basically sports science now where they can bring it back up to a normal level. And I think it’s great, it’s absolutely fair, it’s legal.”

Then in November last year he was on the fence again.

Before being back to totally against it.

Annnnnnnd back to totally for it yesterday

Its a difficult situation, I know, but as fans Dana has a responsibility to us to provide us with the real facts behind usage not just for our own curiosity but also for the safety of the fighters. Flip flopping on issues like title shots are fair enough and the semantics can be argued but the same cannot be argued for something as serious as TRT exemptions. Lets be honest with ourselves for a second, say when Weidman fights Vitor Belfort he catches a heel to the temple that puts him in a coma or (god forbid) paralyses him, what exactly would happen? Media outcry? Change of policy? Doubtful. Outside a death in the octagon it is going to take a whole lot more for anything to change in regards to TRT use. The association of ringside physicians just called for it to be banned for gods sake and Dana couldnt give a flying fuck. Its creating some sick fights and even sicker Knockouts but at what point do we have to say stop? Right now it seems as if there is no point, and that is what gives them real power.

On another note with Vitor Belfort. The UFC has been extra shady in the dealing with him. They are obviously extra careful about their treatmen of him and he hasnt fought in the U.S.A for years. That could be put down to being a big draw in Brazil or it could be put down to that he is being kept away from a commission that is going to test him thoroughly. When called out for this shady practice recently by Kevin Iole Danas response was lets just say…less than cathartic.

Fighter pay

This is the real issue isnt it? This is the issue that all the so called MMA journalists avoid, the issue that nobody asks anyone questions about at the scrums because uncle Dana gets pissed and the question that the fans want answered the most. Well to be honest I dont have the answer folks. Nobody does. And that because the answer is a closely guarded secret and the real numbers are again veiled in mystery like a fucking conspiracy theory. Fighters of course have complained again and again about pay most recently Bubba Mcdaniel who claimed to only make 33k last year. Now that is fucking pathetic. I know what you guys are going to say ”well, you know, Bubba McDaniel sucks ass as a fighter he shouldnt be getting paid all that much”, well that would be absolute bullshit. You could look at a shithole soccer league like the SPL(Scottish premier league) and the average player is making more money than a top tier, fighting for the biggest fight promotion in the world fighter? Scott Brown for example plays for Celtic and he is a first team player, but he is a shit player on the grand scheme of things and he is making 20 thousand pounds a week. Youre trying to tell me the biggest fight promotion in the planet with a roster of less than 500 cant afford to keep a fighter with children above the poverty line? Of course again this point can be argued and argued well with Dana logic. But try arguing that logic to me after Dana has finished driving through the streets of Vegas in his ridiculous Ferarri after bragging about blowing millions in one hand at the casino and you really don’t have a case, I’m sorry but you don’t. You cant claim to be bigger than the NFL and Soccer when your fighters are below the poverty line and making less money than a soccer player in one of the worst countries for soccer in the elevated game.

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