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Hardcore Fan?

Posted on June 28, 2014  in Uncategorized

This is what I had instead of fight pass. 

I’ve been watching MMA since 2001 and I’ve been involved in the online community for years. Obviously watching both Pride and UFC while it was going on. Numerous Sherdog accounts, an account over at when it was around. I was a big fan of the free instructionals they had there. I’ve left birthday parties early to go home and watch UFC. I remember watching Florian vs Gomi while I was in a mess tent in Kandahar City Afghanistan. The lets Army TV broadcast all of their cards, so while I was over there I was able to watch that card, Shogun vs Machida 2, UFC 109 and I’m sure there was one more.

I got this Achievement Legit. I actually played that much.

This one too.

I had rip off a video I made and upload it withoug giving me credit for making it.

My music was used on episode 106 of of The Co Main Event Podcast.

I even got myself written into an article and had my picture on Fightland. That white dude on the left is me.

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EA UFC – Just some dirty facts

Posted on June 28, 2014  in Uncategorized

You can’t get a leg kick tko, you can only temporarily make an opponent move slower. So combined with the healing above, they are next to pointless.

Straight punches can only be done when stationary, so no darting around on the outside of hooks throwing straights.

There are no natural counters; you can’t step out of range and counter after an opponent misses, or when they are open at the beginning of an attack. The only way the game will register a hit as a counter is after parrying or dodging with the dodge move.

Intercepting opponent has no affect on their accuracy of attacks (so can’t for instance jab someone in the face and make their hook miss like in fight night).

It’s both too fast and too slow. The fighters seem to have infinite stamina and fight at 100 mph, but input lag means that attacks are queued like Fight Night Champion, which you can’t break out of. You can’t block quick enough after throwing an attack, and attacks don’t interupt an opponent’s attack, so you end up with just a sloppy brawl. Parry is also held down rather than being a twitch reaction, and only up or down, so no mixing up of directions throwing 2 left hooks instead of left right for instance.

No feinting.

No stopping an attack after it has been launched.

It takes almost no stamina to do special moves, so you can spam the most riddiculous, jumping, reverse, spinning, tornado, cartwheel, backflip, butterfly, wheel, bicycle, helicopter kicks with no penalty whatsoever like a spasticated Eddie Gordo at all times.

Most of these are unpunishable and can’t be interrupted, not even by leg or push kick.

You can’t take someone down when they have their back turned or are doing a crazy kick, so no countering reverse moves with shooting.

You can do reverse moves standing right next to an opponent (such as a spinning back kick, which would require space in real life, else you wouldn’t have room to get your foot there. Wouldn’t do anything at all and you’d probably fall over).

However, said moves (all moves) do verrry little damage. You can eat reverse turning kicks for breakfast. Special attacks, particularly kicks, should do way more damage, take way more stamina to do and be way more dangerous to attempt.

Sidestepping sometimes changes stance for no reason.

There is no sprawl. Takedowns are difficult to defend against: once an opponent has touched you, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Slams have a smaller window of time in which to defend against them than normal takedowns.

Can do a slam, transition or tornado kick at 0 stamina.

No ability to flatten out backmount.

Can’t catch kicks.

Can’t damage oponent by checking kicks.

You fall over if you kick someone on the ground.

Can’t move someone around the cage on the ground.

Transition from half guard top has no animation difference between going left and right, so choosing which direction to defend is a total gamble.

Ref stands you up in no time at all from the ground: you can be in side mount, even FULL mount and if there’s not much going on for about 8 seconds then you’ll get stood up. However, you can wall and stall for infinity.

The most basic, simple to do transition from guard puts you into FULL MOUNT!

From full mount, postured up, using hooks, undefended… it takes about 20+ clean hits to knock someone out. Totally lacking in oomph, character seems to possess strange pillow fists.

You can’t touch gloves at all, or taunt of your own accord.

If you hold halfway through a transition on the ground, the opponent can’t hit you (so you can repeat indefiniately until the ref stands you up).

Both top and bottom lose stamina no matter what happens on the ground, so can just keep spamming transitions.

If you get clinched, you can attempt a takedown and if successful take to floor, if fail get pushed out of clinch. So basically, you can’t be kept in clinch.

No standing submissions.

I was wrong in a previous post about rubber guard/crucafix positions not being in the game, you have to hold a special modifier to transition to those positions. However, when the more basic transition in those positions moves you straight into full mount, then what would be the point?

No moving head when on the floor in guard to dodge bombs, no grabbing wrists to stifle attack (could be a minor transition and set-up to armbar).

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