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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with daughter Ella-Grace waves to the crowds during the start of the rodeo at the Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Alta., on Friday July 15, 2016. Leah Hennel/Postmedia

Trudeau booed at Calgary Stampede, Media Party says attendees adored him

Posted on July 16, 2017  in Uncategorized

In yet another example how the Media Party protect Liberal PM Justin Trudeau by hiding or omitting anything negative that makes him look bad came from his visit yesterday to the Calgary Stampede where he was booed.



Kristen Odland is a reporter for the Calgary Herald so this is obviously a credible source which if the media in Canada was ethical and unbiased would have produced front page headlines and lead stories on the national news.


Instead, the only response was to condemn those who booed Trudeau.




Yedlin, who is a columnist for the Herald, was asked why she was so upset about Trudeau getting booed as politicians get booed all the time yet she refuses to respond, and really are you surprised?


So here we have multiple reports of Trudeau being booed but you’d be forgiven for not knowing about it as the only story mentioning it was this by the Herald’s Emma McIntosh:


Though many in the audience were excited to Trudeau, the response wasn’t all enthusiastic. Boos could be heard from the other side of the stadium…


By the way, that was buried 8 paragraphs down.


And what was the headline that they ran you ask?


Trudeau delights Stampede-goers with rodeo visit (see here)


Tell me if Stephen Harper had been booed somewhere it wouldn’t have been a massive story with screaming front-page headlines.


Keep telling me there is no such thing as a Media Party while you’re at it, because this isn’t the first time this has happened.