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Throwback fight: Champion Joe Warren vs. Kid Yamamoto (2009)

Posted on March 28, 2015  in MMA Fights

This was Yamamoto’s first fight after a two year layoff, ACL surgery and an elbow injury that killed his shot at the Olympics.


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A brief history of Ben Askren and his opponents records

Posted on September 8, 2014  in Writing

Ben Askren 14-0

KO/TKO: 4 Sub: 4 Dec: 6

  • 2009.02.07 – TKO Josh Flowers (0-2)

  • 2009.04.25 – SUB Mitchell Harris (1-3)

  • 2009.08.28 – SUB Matt Delanoit (14-6-0-1)

  • 2010.04.15 – SUB Ryan Thomas (10-3)

  • 2010.05.20 – UD Ryan Thomas (11-4)

  • 2010.06.17 – UD Dan Hornbuckle (21-2)

  • 2010.10.21 – UD Lyman Good (10-0)

  • 2011.04.09 – UD Nick Thompson (38-13-1)

  • 2011.10.29 – SD Jay Hieron (22-4)

  • 2012.04.06 – UD Douglas Lima (21-4)

  • 2013.01.24 – TKO Karl Amoussou (16-4-2)

  • 2013.07.31 – TKO Andrey Koreshkov (13-0)

  • 2014.05.30 – SUB Bakhtiyar Abbasov (12-2)

  • 2014.08.29 – TKO Nobutatsu Suzuki (11-1-2)

Counting Ryan Thomas twice, Askren’s opposition had a combined record of 200-48-5-1 going into their fights with him.

The look in Koreshkov’s eyes after the takedown in the second round in Askren-Koreshkov fight made me Askren fan.

Before the fight started they mentioned that Koreshkov did not bring wrestlers into the training camp. When Koreshkov had been completely dominated in the first round and Askren started the same wrestle-fuck in the second, you could see how light went out from Koreshkov’s eyes. He didn’t stop trying or give up, but you could see how his spirit was broken from the non-stop catch-and-release wrestling.

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Sara McMann just wrestled her way to a split decision.

Posted on August 17, 2014  in Uncategorized

Sara basically wrestled her way to victory. She pretty much took Murphy down at will, but didn’t really pass guard or do a lot of ground n’ pound. Lauren was active off of her back throwing a fuck ton of little rabbit punches that did no damage. The UFC stats say she landed 193 strikes, and McMann had a teeny-tiny shiner under one of her eyes to show for it.

The stats pretty much tell the story.

McMann – 5 takedowns, 10:41 seconds of control.
Murphy – 0 takedowns 14 seconds of control.

McMann – 64 of 112 strikes landed – 38 significant.
Murphy – 193 of 236 strikes land – 48 significant.

Almost all of Murphy’s strikes and significant strikes coming off of her back.

I mean, it’s almost impossible to have consistent judging in a fight like McMann-Murphy, because it all depends upon how you view what’s happening.

It’s also a case of people not knowing the judging criteria.

The majority of the fight took place on the ground, with McMann in top control. Here are the literal rules for scoring a fight when it is on the ground:

If the mixed martial artists spent a majority of a round on the canvas, then:

Effective grappling is weighed first; and

Effective striking is then weighed.

The key there being, when the majority of a round is on the ground, grappling takes precedence over striking.

So when someone is dominating in top position for the majority of the fight, they are scoring more points than someone throwing a bunch of rabbit punches off of their back.

Now, the other key word here is “effective,” and what is “effective” grappling, and “effective” striking.

You could make a case that there was basically not really any effective striking in the entire match. There was some effective grappling by McMann, with the 5 take downs, and a couple of guard passes, but not much.

It was just a shitty fight all around.

I think you have to give it to McMann though. When they were on the feet, McMann clearly got the better of the striking exchanges. Same when they were in the clinch. Also, McMann had top control for basically 2/3rds of the fight. As paced as her ground and pound and grappling was, according to the unified rules, it beats out Murphy’s shitty rabbit punches off of her back.

Also, at no point did Murphy even attempt to threaten with a sub from her back, so it’s not like you can award her points for an active or threatening guard. If she had been constantly going for subs, keeping McMann on the defensive, threatening to land a few, then you could probably give her the fight, but that didn’t happen at all what so ever.

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Machida is currently 13/2 (+650) to beat Weidman via KO/TKO.

Posted on May 27, 2014  in Uncategorized

Those are bad odds. I wouldn’t touch Machida by KO at +650 (13.3%). Maybe if it was +1500 or better.

Consider that Machida’s won 8 of his 21 victories by KO (38%), then consider his odds of winning as a whole. Even if you give Machida 33% odds of winning, that’s still only a 12.5% chance of winning via KO based on prior performance, meaning +650 is (roughly) the break-even if Machida has a one-third chance of winning and has a similar probability of winning via KO as he has vs. previous opponents.

Every match has it’s intricacies and stylistic matchups, but in order for this bet to be sound, you have to justify either:

  • Machida having a better chance to KO Weidman than his previous opponents OR
  • Machida having a very good (>33%) chance to win

Personally I don’t see either of those happening. I don’t think he has a better chance of KO-ing Weidman than he did his previous opponents, and I give him a ~25% chance of winning.

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Did anyone else Notice the GSP/Boondocks Headband?

Posted on April 30, 2014  in Uncategorized

I hope I’m not the only one.

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Night of Upsets?

Posted on March 14, 2014  in Uncategorized

Just letting everyone know that a parlay of

Pat Curran
Rick Story
Jake Sheilds
Diego Sanchez
Robbie Lawler
Tyron Woodley

Is actually paying $370 for a bet of $1.  Let’s get lucky.

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Congrats to Shane Shaolin Campbell

Posted on December 28, 2013  in Uncategorized

Shane Shaolin Campbell just became the first Canadian to make it the final 4 of a K1 tourney and has a great shot of winning the entire thing.  Awesome job Shane!

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Some Details about Shogun Rua.

Posted on December 21, 2013  in Uncategorized


Shogun has unarguably pound for pound the best smile in MMA.  Here’s some number crunching about him that maybe you didn’t know.

The last (and only) time Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua submitted someone with a leglock was at Pride 32 on  Oct / 21 / 2006 against Kevin Randleman. This means..

Shogun has not submitted an opponent with a leglock for 7 years, 1 month, 16 days and 13 fights.

Shogun has only submitted an opponent with a leglock once in his 29 fight career.

Of Shogun’s 21 career victories, 5% have been won by way of leglock submission.

Just thought you should know.

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