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Watch Justin Trudeau’s response to a direct question about Vancouver housing prices

Posted on August 5, 2017  in Writing

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau probably thought that he would get a soft ride when he showed up earlier this week for an interview on Vancouver’s Breakfast Television show.


The host Tara Jean Stevens went straight to the heart of what’s on the minds of many Vancouver millennials: the high cost of housing.


Here was her first question on the topic.


“Prime Minister, there are so many people in our province—and this question comes from the heart from me as I have a young family—it is so hard to buy a home in our province,” Stevens said. “And I’m wondering with housing costs at an all-time high here, what is your government doing to possibly stop this from getting worse or make it better?”

You can see Trudeau’s response in the tweet below.





Trudeau did not promise to bring back the tax subsidy for multi-unit residential buildings. That’s what led to the construction of tons of rental housing in Vancouver in the 1970s that still houses people today.


Nor did he say that he would take back federal control over the Vancouver International Airport and build rental housing on the vast amount of land under the airport authority’s control.


Nor did Trudeau indicate that he would strive to have municipalities recognized under Canada’s constitution—and give them taxing authority to address the housing crisis in their midst.


No, Trudeau didn’t say any of those things. This is a transcript of what he said:


Trudeau: Well, you can understand the federal government has tools that apply right across the country and therefore, we’re limited in our ability to target one specific area, which is why it’s so important that we work as well as we do with the province and the municipality.


I’m going to be sitting down with Mayor Gregor Robertson in a few minutes actually to talk about his vision on housing and how we’re going to help. The federal government has done a number of things around affecting the housing market. But what we really needed to do and what we have done is actually step up and get re-engaged on housing.


The federal government for a long time stepped out of housing. We’re stepping back in in a big way for tens of billions of dollars in social housing, in affordable housing. We’re going to work with the mayor and with municipalities across the country.


Tara Jean Stevens: That’s what you’re doing. What would you say to a BT viewer watching right now who’s sitting going “I don’t have enough money. I can’t afford the rent.” What should they be doing right now?


Trudeau: We’re working to make sure, first of all, as you said, families, young families, get more money in their pockets. We lowered taxes on the middle class. Raising them on the wealthiest one percent. We’re making sure the child benefit flows with more money, tax-free, to families that need that support.


We’re also growing the economy. We’re creating new jobs. We’re pivoting to where the economy is going in terms of knowledge economy, in terms of creativity, in terms of innovation, in terms of being smarter about our natural resources.


There’s a lot of things we can do to grow the economy and if people have better jobs and more income coming in, they’ll be better able to afford their homes while at the same time we’re investing in significantly more rental housing spaces, creating new housing stock, both affordable and social housing—subsidized housing in partnership with municipalities.


There’s a lot that can be done and is being doing [sic] but I recognize how difficult it is for families and the uncertainty they’re facing.


Tara Jean Stevens: It sucks. It blows Prime Minister. It’s been awful here.


Trudeau: When I lived in Vancouver, it was just the beginning of the pressure around housing but what my friends are going through now and what they tell me is just unimaginable. I know how difficult it is.


It’s almost as if he has difficulty speaking when he is forced to go off script.

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TwoWheelUnion Presents: John Douglas 010

Posted on February 27, 2017  in Entertainment, Music, Podcast




The goal of this podcast is to explore all the different sounds and genres that house music has to offer.  Your host John Douglas has been honing his craft behind the wheels of steel for 16 years all over Canada and wants to share the music that he feels so passionately about.  Not everybody understands house music, but we do.  Get ready to dance.




1. No Tears by HNNY
2. Heartbreaker (Clio Remix) by Dj Le Roi
3. Fuck! (Andres Power, Outcode Remix) by Miky Falcone & Fabio Morello
4. OKAY by Shiba San
5. Entrance Song (Original Mix) by Eats Everything
6. Diggin’ On You by Elekfantz
7. Bigger Than Prince (Hot Since 82 Remix) by Green Velvet
8. Jango by Sirus Hood & Still Boyz
9. Roots of Rhythm by Dimitri Max & Luis Baro
10. Careless by Dusky
11. Do It Get Up (Kolombo Remix) by Jad & The Ladyboy
12. Closer (Original Mix) by Egokind & Clear Void


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Why are you allowed to fight in Hockey?

Posted on March 13, 2014  in Uncategorized

It helps to remember that fights in hockey are 99% consensual. If you don’t want to fight you turn your back and that’s it. There are players that fight and players that don’t, and it’s not really a machismo/honor thing that you MUST fight. No one thinks less of you for not being a fighter.

If you jump someone who is NOT looking for a fight you are usually going to get tossed from the game and probably suspended for a few games to boot. It’s not OK to blind-side someone who is not likewise spoiling for a fight and generally speaking that is frowned upon.

So the minor penalties and general lack of punishment is only in the case of two people who have collaboratively decided to go at it, which is true for almost every fight you see. They are pre-arranged (often at the face-off) and mutually agreed. At that point, two consenting adults doing what they want, basically, and the refs leave it alone until someone is at risk of getting seriously hurt — usually once someone goes down and it’s no longer a standing fight, or if other people are getting involved, or if one person is effectively incapacitated, etc.

To some degree hockey is a self-regulated game. Refs are there for line calls, not necessarily behavior control. 10 people flying around a small ice surface at 40km/h with wooden sticks can REALLY hurt each other while the ref is looking the other way if they want to.

To avoid this, fighting is used as a pressure relief… all the pent up aggression you feel for the wrongs and slights done to your team goes into cheering for your guy in the fight. Afterward everyone chills out. This is generally true even if the two guys fighting aren’t the actual guys you were mad at. But the thing is, everyone on your team is going to be mad at someone different for some random thing that happened, so it’s not practical to expect everyone will “pay” individually.

This mostly works because most players aren’t assholes. If they do something to earn your ire it was probably by accident or a “one time” thing. It’s unlikely you’ll remember it for more than 5 minutes and unlikely that guy is going to specifically tick you off again. So the fight serves to release the cumulative pressure of all those little things, not necessarily any specific incident.

Where this fails is if there is just that one total dick on a team that is constantly cheap-shotting people or otherwise behaving in a douchey way not consistent with the overall tone of the game. Especially if that person keeps doing it even after a fight or two. At some point the other team is going to remember his number and a “generic fight” won’t fix the issue. That guy now has a target painted on his back and at some point — maybe not even that game but in a future game — someone is going to risk getting tossed from the game/suspended to teach that specific player a lesson.

Though usually half of that guy’s own team are just as happy to watch him get creamed because, honestly, he IS a dick. We’d never say it out loud of course, team solidarity, rah rah rah… but at some point people get what they deserve and everyone on both sides knows it.

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Congrats to Shane Shaolin Campbell

Posted on December 28, 2013  in Uncategorized

Shane Shaolin Campbell just became the first Canadian to make it the final 4 of a K1 tourney and has a great shot of winning the entire thing.  Awesome job Shane!

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